Artist : Vandana Mengane

Bian Lian

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Title: Bian Lian

Series: Palette of Taiwan: A Celebration of Indian Art Forms.

India Art form: Theyyam mural painting.

Kerala mural paintings are the frescos depicting Hindu mythology in Kerala, India. Theyyam, also known as Kaliyattam, is a ritual dance popular in north Kerala. In this dance, artist represents a hero with great power. Performers wear heavy make-up and adorn flamboyant costumes, headgear and ornaments. Here artists paints Bian Lian using Kerala mural techniques. Bian Lian, face swapping is an ancient and traditional Sichuan art performed in Taiwan. Here Performers use silk masks to reflect the mood changes of their character. Bian Lian and theyyam dance form are so much like
each other. Thus, Artist depicts beautiful blend of both cultures with her strokes on a canvas.

Size: 44cm x 44cm


標題: 扁連


印度藝術形式:  塞亞姆 壁畫。


 尺寸:44 釐米 x 44 釐米