Artist : Vandana Mengane

Bramhand-The Universe

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布拉姆漢德:宇宙 藝術 家姓名 Vandana Mengane


這幅畫的背景意味著五行, 所有物質主要由五種基本元素組成:地球(pritvi),水(jala),火(tejas),空氣(vayu)和空間(akasha)。


濕婆:濕婆,(梵語的意思是"吉祥的人")濕婆這個詞的字面意思也意味著 -虛無,

Shiva 被稱為瑜伽之主。 濕婆在它的寂靜中是純潔的存在。他代表了男性能量的最高,最鼓舞人心和最真實的表達。


夏克緹 Shakti代表力量,能量或力。 Shakti是產生宇宙的基本創造力的名稱。她被認為是物質和物理能量的來源。 "Shakti"這個詞來源於詞根"shak",意思是效力或生產潛力,這是對她固有的創造性能力的斷言。 Shakti代表了女性的能量形式,這是生活中最強大的維度。 "女性化""男性化"是某些品質。只有當這兩種品質在內在的平衡中存在時 一個人可以過上充實的生活。

系列: 神秘元素

框架尺寸:95釐米 X 76.5釐米,







Bramhand: The Universe 

Background of the painting signifies five elements,

All Matter is mainly composed of five basic elements: Earth(pritvi), Water(jala), Fire(tejas), Air(vayu), and Space(akasha). Knowledge of the five elements allows the yogi to understand the laws of nature and methods to use yogic science to attain greater health, power, knowledge, wisdom, and happiness. All this Knowledge was given by Shiva.

Shiva:  Shiva, (Sanskrit meaning is “Auspicious One”) The word Shiva literally also means -nothingness.  Shiva represents absolute reality or consciousness and is known as the Lord of Yoga. He taught Methods to 7 sages, and they spread this knowledge across the world. (Chakra or energy points knowledge is one of the dimensions of the vast yoga taught by shiva). Shiva is pure being in its stillness. He represents the highest, most inspiring, and truest expression of masculine energy.

Shakti:  Shakti represents power, energy, or force.  Shakti is the name given to the fundamental creative dynamism that gives rise to universes. She is considered the source of both matter and physical energy.

The word 'Shakti' is derived from the root 'shak,' meaning potency or the potential to produce, an assertion of Her inherent creative aptitude. Shakti represents feminine energy which is most powerful dimension of life.  

The “feminine” and “masculine” are certain qualities. Only when these two qualities exist in balance within, human being can live a life of fulfillment.

Series: Mystical Elements

Size of Frame: 95cm X 76.5cm Material: Mixed media.