Artist : Vandana Mengane

Kalki – The Slayer

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產品名: Kalki,殺手 藝術 家姓名: Vandana Mengane



現代科學 – 根據大爆炸理論和其他現代理論,宇宙並不穩定。世界上必須有生命的終結,這樣生命才能重新開始,這就是為什麼世界末日以各種形式繼續有增無減的原因。

系列:進入印度的洞穴。,尺寸:42 釐米 x 42 釐米。, 材料:混合介質。

Title: -Kalki , The Slayer.  Artist name: Vandana Mengane

Kalki , The Slayer represent tenth Avatar of Vishnu.

In Puranas Kalki is depicted as a warrior riding a white horse and holding a shining sword. The Kalki avatar has not happened yet. But it is believed that Vishnu will appear in the Kalki avatar to kill the wicked in the world when the limit of sin is exceeded in the world. After that, they will destroy the whole world and create life again on this earth.

Modern science – According to the Big Bang theory and other modern theories, the universe is not stable. There must be an end to life in the world, so that life can begin again and that is why the end of the world continues unabated in every form.

Series: INTO THE CAVES OF INDIA, Size: 42cm x 42cm, Material: Mixed media.