Artist : Vandana Mengane


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Title: 101

Series: Palette of Taiwan: A Celebration of Indian Art Forms.

Indian Art form: Kalamkari

Kalamkari, which literally means pen work. Originally done on cloth using bamboo pen and natural dyes, this art form originated in the state of Andra Pradesh, India. Here artist is depicting Taipei 101, world’s tallest building from 2005-2009, using modern kalam(pen). Artist has also painted a Toran, In India, toran is hung above the doorway tothe main room of the house as a sign of welcoming. This depicts the Taiwanese people’s warmness, welcoming all to their beautiful country.

Size: 44cm x 44cm

標題: 101



Kalamkari,字面意思是“筆工作”。這種藝術形式最初是用竹筆和天然染料在布上完成的,起源於印度 安德拉 邦。在這裡,藝術家用現代卡拉姆(筆)描繪了2005年至2009年世界最高建築臺北101。藝術家還畫了一個托蘭,在印度,托蘭掛在房子主房間的門口上方,以示歡迎。這描繪了台灣人民的熱情,歡迎所有人到他們美麗的國家。

 尺寸:44 釐米 x 44 釐米