About Us

Vandana Mengane is an Indian artist based in Taipei, Taiwan. Her work specializes in unique creations using clay, acrylic, oil, and watercolors on various bases such as canvas, wood, fabric, and necklace strings.

She founded Anahata Artisan to reach global art lovers and promote Indian art forms through her work and workshops.

Anahata Artisan focuses on the characteristics of Anahata: bliss, peace, harmony, love, empathy, purity, and compassion towards oneself and others. With personalization options, Anahata Artisan allows art lovers to transform their perceptions and interests into personalized creations.

Vandana's two series of artworks, "Into the Caves of India" and "Mystical Elements," have been exhibited at the following well-known venues:

 - Hwa Kang Museum of Chinese Culture University in Taipei

- Chung Yuan Christian University Art Centre in Taoyuan

- Museum of World Religions

- Indian Taipei Association

- New Taipei Multicultural Festival at Military Village

 Her following art series will be displayed at more locations in Taiwan with the intention of promoting the ancient architecture of India and Vedic knowledge.

 - Into the Caves of India

- Mystical Elements

- Palette of Taiwan

- Palette of India


范德娜·蒙格內(Vandana Mengane是一位常住台灣台北的印度藝術家。她的作品專注於使用黏土、壓克力、油畫和水彩等材質,並以畫布、木材、織物和項鍊繩等各種基底進行創作。


她創建了Anahata Artisan平台,旨在通過她的作品和工作坊吸引全球的藝術愛好者並推廣印度的藝術形式。

Anahata Artisan的創作重點是Anahata的特質:幸福、和平、和諧、愛、同理心、純潔以及對自己和他人的慈悲。通過個性化選項,Anahata Artisan為藝術愛好者提供了將他們的感知和興趣轉化為個性化創作的靈活性。范德娜的兩個藝術系列作品《印度洞穴之旅》和《神秘元素》曾在以下知名場所展出:

- 台北中華文化大學華岡博物館

- 桃園中原大學藝術中心

- 世界宗教博物館

- 印度台北協會

- 新北市軍村多元文化節

她的藝術系列包括 這些系列作品將在台灣更多地點展出,旨在推廣印度古建築和吠陀知識。