About Us

Vandana Mengane is an Indian artist based in Taipei, Taiwan. Her work specializes in unique creations which use clay, acrylic, oil and water colors on various bases like canvas, wood, fabric & necklace string.

Her innovative work gives multi dimensional effect to the creations and expresses the emotions that appeal to the art lovers.

She has created a platform Anahata Artisan with the goal of reaching global art lovers and give the opportunity to an artisan from remote part of the world.

The focus of Anahata Artisan's creation is on the characteristics of Anahata which are bliss, peace, harmony, love, empathy, purity and compassion of one towards self and towards others. With the option of personalization, Anahata Artisan gives Art Lovers a flexibility to convert their perception and interest into personalized creations.

The current gallery has handmade creations by Vandana which is inspired by her experience and visit to the different countries across the world. The gallery will be updated on regular basis as new creations by her are available. Upcoming creation will showcase the power of femininity ,soul and deep thoughts.

Her art work has also been exhibited in Hwa Kang Museum of Chinese Culture University in year 2022.

Upcoming exhibition is scheduled at Chung Yuan Christian University Art Centre in Taoyuan for month of Nov- 2022.