Artist : Vandana Mengane

Garden of Taiwan

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Title: Garden of Taiwan

Series: Palette of Taiwan: A Celebration of Indian Art Forms.

India Art form: Madhubani

Madhubani: Madhu means “honey” and Bani means “forest”. Madhubani is folk art of Bihar, India which is also known as Mithila Art. This art form is known for its use of local plants for colours. The artist created these paintings using a variety of mediums, including their own fingers, or twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchstick. Here the artists is depicting beautiful Taiwan forest and ocean which is home for Taiwan Blue magpie, Formosa monkey, Taiwan bear, Formosan sika deer, snake, frogs, fish and turtles..

Size: 44cm x 44cm


標題: 台灣花園



Madhubani:Madhu的意思是“蜂蜜”,Bani的意思是“森林”。Madhubani是印度比哈爾邦邦的民間藝術,也被稱為Mithila藝術。這種藝術形式以使用當地植物作為顏色而聞名。藝術家使用各種媒介創作了這些畫作,包括他們自己的手指,或樹枝、刷子、筆尖筆和火柴棍。在這裡,藝術家描繪 了 美麗的臺灣森林和海洋,這是臺灣藍喜鵲,臺灣猴,臺灣熊,臺灣梅花鹿,蛇,青蛙,魚和的家園。

 尺寸:44 釐米 x 44 釐米