Artist : Vandana Mengane

Trimurti(Three faces)

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標題:Trimurthi 藝術家姓名: Vandana Mengane

Trinityi描繪了三張面孔:梵天 - 創造者,毗濕奴 - 保護者和濕婆 - 毀滅者。




系列:進入印度的洞穴。,尺寸:56 釐米 x 63 釐米。,材料:混合介質。

Title: Trimurthi, Artist name: Vandana Mengane

Trimurthi or trinity depicts three faces : Brahma -The creator, Vishnu -The preserver and Shiva -The destroyer.

Brahma represents earth. He is the creator of all life.

Vishnu represents water, which symbolizes his role as the sustainer of life. He is the protector side of life, known for upholding goodness.

Shiva represents fire and is identified as the destructive power of the Trimurthi. However, he is also viewed as a positive force that cleanses and destroys evil, paving the way for new creation.

Series: INTO THE CAVES OF INDIA, Size:  56cm x 63cm, Material: Mixed media.