Artist : Vandana Mengane

Kurma – The Turtle

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標題: - Kurma-,藝術家姓名:Vandana Mengane

Kurma 代表毗濕奴的第二個化身。它是神性的“顯現”,或地上至高無上的自我。

Kurma 庫爾馬是毗濕奴的形式。根據創世記開頭的傳說,他在攪拌乳海的同時,平衡了貝殼上的山(Mandara),以協助神魔在攪拌過程中。他也被認為在他的背上支撐著宇宙的重量。


系列:進入印度的洞穴。尺寸:42 釐米 x 42 釐米。材料:混合介質。


Title: - Kurma – The Turtle, Artist name: Vandana Mengane

Kurma – The Turtle represents second Avatar of Vishnu.Kurma is the tortoise form of Vishnu. According to story in Purana, During the churning of the ocean , he balances Mount Mandara on his shell. He is also believed to have supported the weight of the cosmos on his back.

 Modern Science: Fish finally evolved out of water became Reptiles (with legs to be accurate). The examples is tortoise which can sustain on the land and water both.

Series: INTO THE CAVES OF INDIA, Size: 42cm x 42cm, Material: Mixed media.